Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Titles for Spring Semester 2010

Chambering a championship match barrel- RES DVD 683.422 CHA
AARP retirement survival guide- 332.024 JAS
Aged care: Communicating with aged care residents RES DVD 362.61 AGE
America's lost landscape: The tallgrass prairie RES DVD 577.4 AME
Bad Voodoo's war RES DVD 956.70 SCR
Big burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the fire that saved America 973.911 EGA
Botany of desire Book and DVD 306.45 POL
Bowes and Church's Food values of portions commonly used REF 613.2 PEN
Columbia: Space Shuttle Disaster RES DVD 629.44 SPA
Core chemistry RES DVD 540.9 AMB
Depression: Out of the shadows RES DVD 616.85 MCP
Desperate passage 979.4 RAR
Edible history of humanity 394.1 STA
Enough: Why the world's poorest starve in an age of plenty 363.8 THU
First aid one: Basic life support RES DVD 616.0252 FIR
Global climate change impacts in the United States 530 GLO
Ground truth: The untold story of America under attack on 9/11 973.931 FAR
Gun digest 2010 683.44 GUN
Handbook of first aid and emergency care 616.02 AME
Healing suicidal veterans 362.2 MON
Heat: A global investigation RES DVD 333.79 SMI
Is America safe? 363.325 JOR
Jacques Cousteau: The sea king 551.46 MAT
Obesity 616.3 STE
Plagiarism: What do you value? RES DVD 808 PLA
Precision shooting at 1,000 yards 799.31 PRE
Sick around the world RES DVD 326.10 PAL
Standard code of parliamentary procedure REF 060.4 STU
Super study skills 371.3 ROZ
Understanding prejudice RES DVD 303.38 SHE
Waste: uncovering the global food scandal 363.8 STU