Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Websites for Blogs on Books and Reading

The current issue of Public Libraries provides a tantalizing offering of web blogs which list, review, and discuss books, new and old, and sometimes other things also. These are great resources as they cover a wide range of potential reading treasures, expanding the "joy of reading" arena which many newspapers and magazines enter timidly. Here's a few to bookmark and explore at your leisure.

Papercuts (http://papercuts.blogs.nytimes.com/) Wide range of genre coverage in the New York Times book editors' blog.
ShelfLife (http://shelf-life.ew.com/) Entertainment Weekly's chatty storefront for book news.
Critical Mass (http://bookcritics.org/blog) 900 book critics cover book criticism, publishing, and writing plus serving up a weekly featured review.
Omnivoracious (http://www.omnivoracious.com/) Amazon.com book editors cover the publishing scene.
Unabashedly Bookish (http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/Unabashedly-Bookish/bg-p/UnabashedlyBookish) Barnes and Nobles blog which generates also interesting user comments.
Powell's Books (http://www.powells.com/blog/) The world famous bookstore's blog covers a lot of ground including titles from the small publishers.
EarlyWord (http://www.earlyword.com/) A great blog for those wanting to know what is soon to be published.
Citizen Reader (http://www.citizenreader.com/) The blog's focus here is on non-fiction titles.
Reading the Past (http://readingthepast.blogspot.com/) Hosted by a librarian reviewer with all attention on historical fiction.
Bookslut (www.bookslut.com/blog) This resource takes one into the world of non-mainstream titles and authors.

Finally, setting up a Google Books account allows activation of My Library. Using this tool, one can keep track of books read or books to be read and then share that information with other readers. Go to Google, select Google Books under "more" options or tools and set up an account.