Friday, July 23, 2010

New Summer Arrivals and Additions to our Collection

2020 workplace: how innovative companies attract, develop, and keep tomorrow's employees today. 658.3 MEI
Addiction: A reference encyclopedia REF 616.86 PAD
Anger Management 152.4 ANG
Animal factory 363.7 KIR
Arctic labyrinth: the quest for the northwest passage 910.91 WIL
At home on the street: people, poverty a& a hidden culture of homelessness 362.50 WAS
Big short 330.97 LEW
Conquering math anxiety 510 ARE
Encyclopedia of animal rights and animal welfare (2 volumes) REF 179 ENC
Encyclopedia of weather and climate change REF 551.6 ENC
Future of Islam 297.09 ESP
Googled: the end of the world as we know it 338.7 AUL
How to solve word problems in algebra 510 JOH
In Fed we trust: Ben Bernanke's war on the great panic 332.1 WES
Letting go of anger 152.4 POT
Life after death: the evidence 236 D'SO
Mastering math: how to be a great student 510 SMI
Math for the anxious 510 PRO
Nation of farmers: defeating the food crisis on American soil 338.1 AST

On thin ice: the changing world of the polar bear 599.78 ELL
Solving algebra word problems 512 BAR
Storms of my grandchildren 363.73 HAN
Unscientific America: how scientific illiteracy threatens our future 509.73 MOO
Young child and mathematics CHI 372.7 COP